Tax Loss Harvesting?

Will SoFi Wealth provide tax-loss harvesting? What do I need to do to make sure I do it?


  • Matt TaylorMatt Taylor Member, Sofi Wealth Expert

    We will sometimes opportunistically switch between funds of similar, but not identical, strategies to harvest a tax loss. We might do this if a given asset class, such as high-yield bonds, has suffered what we think will be temporary, short-term losses. We would only do this if we continue to believe the asset class belongs in a long-term portfolio. At some point in the future we may offer tax loss harvesting in individual accounts. If so, we’ll give everyone the opportunity to opt-in.

  • Scott CScott C Member

    Any update on if this will be offered for individual accounts? It's one of the main reasons I'm considering wealthfront instead of sofi

  • Any updates on this? Thank you.
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