Request Sofi Wealth on Mint

Hey everyone,

If you use Mint, please request that they add Sofi Wealth support through the website. Their support staff told me that until they get 4 or 5 requests, they don't put it in for addition, and last I heard Sofi isn't an obstacle to any integration with Mint.


  • Claire LClaire L Member

    I requested this a few weeks ago and got the same answer.

  • Steven ASteven A Member

    I just chatted with Mint support about this issue and I was told their engineers are working on it but cannot give me an ETA

  • Elsa YElsa Y Member

    Thanks for the update. Can Sofi or mint accelerate this integration? Thanks.

  • Christina KChristina K Member, Administrator, Moderator, Sofi Team admin

    Thanks for letting us know you want integration with Mint! We will let you know if we hear any updates or an estimated ETA.

  • Talon PTalon P Member

    Just keep sending messages to their customer support team, if we keep the pressure on they'll get it properly implemented.

  • Ryan PRyan P Member

    I am hoping to see this soon as well!

  • Harrison MHarrison M Member

    I feel like enough of us have requested. Is Sofi cooperating with Mint?

  • Christina KChristina K Member, Administrator, Moderator, Sofi Team admin

    Hi Harrison - Please send your request to Mint that they support SoFi Wealth integration on their site. The integration comes from their side, so please request it of them again. Thanks for the enthusiasm!

  • Talon PTalon P Member

    FYI - After months of not being able to get this to work, the first time I tried to add my SoFi account to Mint through their Android app, it instantly synced. If you're having problems like I was, it's certainly worth a try.

  • Samuel BSamuel B Member

    It's working for me!

  • Mine still won't let me in. :(

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