Any plans for different sub-accounts for goals within an individual account?

Are there any plans to allow for sub-accounts within an individual Sofi Wealth account, so that each "Goal" can have it's own portfolio/asset allocation, target balance, time horizon, etc. For example, a sub-account for building up a "Safety Net" of 6 months salary might have an indefinite time horizon and allow for a more aggressive risk strategy, whereas a sub-account with money being saved for a major purchase in the next 3 years might be best suited with a less aggressive asset allocation.


  • Christina KChristina K Member, Administrator, Moderator, Sofi Team admin

    SoFi Wealth doesn't have any plans to offer multiple sub-accounts within SoFi Wealth, and currently offers just one account per member. Therefore, to help achieve multiple goals of varying time horizons, including one within a timeframe of three years, we would probably recommend a lower overall risk level portfolio for the account. We'll be happy to speak with you and help you choose the right portfolio for your goals.

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