Domicle State and Prospectus

Where is SOFI Wealth Domicled? I couldn't find that or the prospectus on the page. Are the representatives brokers or fiduciaries?


  • Elliott GElliott G Member, Sofi Wealth Expert

    SoFi Wealth is domiciled in San Francisco, California. We are a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC. Since we are not a mutual fund, we don’t have a prospectus; instead we have a Brochure. The latest version can always be found under the Disclosure Documents link at the bottom of the Wealth pages. You can always find information on us, or any other registered advisor or investment firm, on the FINRA BrokerCheck website.

    As a SoFi Wealth client our relationship with you is that of a Fiduciary. You are paying us to manage your investments and our duty is to pick the ones we think are best for you. We are not selling you securities and neither the firm nor advisors receive commission or compensation from any of the ETFs we choose. Our advisors are registered both as brokers with FINRA through SoFi Securities, and with the SEC as Investment Advisor Representatives through SoFi Wealth. This means that they are legally permitted to sell securities, but that is not what they are doing when they advise Wealth clients.

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