Does the frequency with which I buy holdings affect fees or costs?

If I make two separate contributions of x instead of one contribution of 2x, will the value of the holdings I buy be identical assuming the prices don't change at all with time, or are there administration costs associated with making each single purchase?


  • Christina KChristina K Member, Administrator, Moderator, Sofi Team admin

    Hi Brendan - The administrative fees should not make a difference, all else equal. If you're a SoFi borrower, there will be no management or transaction fees charged by SoFi for your Wealth account during the life of your loan. This holds whether you make one large contribution or several recurring contributions.

    If you're not a SoFi borrower, a portfolio at SoFi Wealth of under $10K will not be charged management or transaction fees. Accounts above $10K are charged $5/month per $100K in account value, but no transaction fees are incurred. Again, the administrative fees associated with one lump sum contribution vs. two or more contributions will not be significant in this case either.

    I hope that helps!

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