How will my money be invested in wealth management?

Please provide some more detail.


  • Joseph WilliamsJoseph Williams Member, Sofi Wealth Expert
    edited March 2016

    We recommend a portfolio for you based on your age, income, and how much you have saved already, but you can change it to suit your comfort level. Within each portfolio or risk level your funds will be divided up between 5 to 7 different Exchange Traded Funds. Even after you invest, you will always be able to change the risk tolerance portfolio that you originally picked if your goals or tolerance level changes.

    SoFi Wealth is intended for medium to long-term investment goals. While the ETFs in the SoFi Wealth portfolios are liquid and can be sold at any time, their value fluctuates and it is possible to lose money investing in them. The shorter the time period, the less time there is for your portfolio to recover from a downturn in the market. SoFi Wealth is not a trading platform, nor is it appropriate for short-term goals of less than three years. For very short time periods, we recommend you keep the money in an investment that does not fluctuate significantly, like a money market fund or treasury bills.

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