Contact not responding-- what can I do?

Colin DellColin Dell Member

I thought I connected really well with someone I had an informational interview with two months ago but since then, she has not responded to any of my emails regarding two jobs that I applied for at her company. Should I take that as a bad sign?


  • CareerServicesCareerServices Member, Sofi Team

    Hi Colin,

    Don't give up just yet!

    Try and remember that everyone is busy and some folks just need a bit more prodding to respond, so you might want to try emailing her one more time or even picking up the phone and calling her. Also, review your emails and assess whether your note can be perceived as an FYI (in which case maybe she didn’t think they needed a response) or whether there was a true (& obvious) request in there. What else have you done in the meanwhile to connect with her, to build the relationship? Or if nothing yet, consider what you can do next to offer her help (without asking for anything in return).

    Remember that one informational interview is just one meeting. Being able to network takes at least one more step - which is in building the relationship with additional follow up.

    Hope that helps!

    SoFi's Career Services Team

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