Is there a correct format I should be using when putting together my resume?

Colin DellColin Dell Member



  • CareerServicesCareerServices Member, Sofi Team

    Hey Colin,

    There is no ‘one-size fits all’ when it comes to resumes. Resume styles will even differ among various functions and industries. These documents are very subjective - one recruiter or hiring manager may love a particular style and another may not. Ultimately, we recommend you follow a few main principles:

    • Make your resume easy to read - not too dense or too sparse.

    • Target your resume to the audience you are selling to (yes that means your resume might be tweaked when applying to different positions)

    • Absolutely no typos or errors - clean it up! Have a second (or third) pair of eyes scan for errors just to be sure. Ultimately, make your resume something you are proud of and a document you think represents you in a very professional, positive light.

    Follow these guidelines, and this should help you put your best foot forward.


    SoFi's Career Services Team

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