What should go first on my resume - my experience section or my education section or another section

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  • CareerServicesCareerServices Member, Sofi Team

    Hey Colin,

    It depends.

    Think of your resume as valuable real estate - highlight the areas that are most important by

     1. Putting those areas towards the top of your document
     2. Giving them the most space for content

    Choose the first section by figuring what will most help you take the next step in your career. If you are just coming out of business school or law school for example, you will want to put your education first, because your new degree will help you land that next job right out of school.

    Over time, and as you build experience, what you have accomplished professionally will start to become more important than the degree you earned years ago so you will shift experience up to the top to be the lead in your document and put education further down.

    In some circumstances you may have another section (technical skills for example) that may be the lead depending on the industry/function you are targeting in your job search. It all depends on what is most important for you to highlight in your specific situation.


    SoFi's Career Services Team

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