Overwhelmed after losing job

Caila SongCaila Song Member

I just lost my job and now I’ll have to start looking for a new role ASAP. The problem is, it all seems so overwhelming. What do you recommend that I do?


  • CareerServicesCareerServices Member, Sofi Team


    First of all, really sorry to hear this! This may be an incredible opportunity to identify an opportunity that you really love. Job search is an easy process to understand but typically hard to execute.

    While there are several ways to execute your job search, I would recommend starting with the below steps:

    1. Ensure your background and interests are well aligned with your function and industry. I would recommend focusing on no more than 1 function e.g. Product Manager and maybe 2-3 industries.
    2. Build a target list and conversation plan with companies/individuals within companies of interests in these industries.
    3. Plan your job search as a campaign. Set a timeline of around 6-8 weeks. This will help you to run mini job search.
    4. Identify and use multiple channels to uncover job leads, while ensure that you focus on the key ones that play to your strengths.
    5. Once you identify these leads, do the following three things to land interviews:
    • Cultivate and mobilize your network to introduce you to hiring managers
    • Apply to the jobs online that align with your background with an advocate in place
    • Send one page proposals to hiring managers for the companies you are having a hard time getting into.
    1. Repeat until you find a job.

    Helpful tip: Our Career Services team often hosts webinars on job search strategy and techniques. You can check out upcoming dates and sign up on our Events page.

    Good luck!

    The Career Services Team

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