No openings at dream company

I’ve been job searching for a while now, but the truth is my heart is with a health-tech company in the SF Bay Area. However, I have been eyeing its website for a while now and there are no openings in my area. Furthermore, I don’t have anyone in my network who is connected to this company. Any tips on what I can do to act on this deep interest?


  • CareerServicesCareerServices Member, Sofi Team

    Hey Joseph,

    Oh yes, we definitely know that feeling! We’d recommend getting creative here.

    Off the bat, we’d recommend you develop a one-page proposal for your company of interest. To do a one page proposal (or pain letter), first research your company of interest to identify a potential challenge or opportunity they are facing, then draft a page proposal pitching how you would go about solving this challenge. Print a copy of the proposal along with your resume and put in an envelope and mail to a hiring manager within this company.

    This might give you a shot in securing an internal conversation.


    SoFi's Career Services Team

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