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  • Re: Tax Documents and TurboTax

    Hi Ahmad -
    You can view your 1099 in Your Document Center under Tax Documents. Transferring the 1099 data is initiated within TurboTax. If you are letting the software guide you:

    • it will ask if you want to import data from a financial institution - say yes
    • there will be a way to select financial institutions - choose Apex Clearing
    • when you are asked for the user ID, input your account number: 5RS0_ _ _ _
    • when you are asked for the password, input your Social Security number with no dashes.

    Then follow the directions in the software. It should put everything in the correct places on your tax form.

    You can also download your 1099 data into H&R Block, or TaxAct tax software. Each product does it differently, but in each case the process is similar to above.

    Hope that helps!

  • Re: Request Sofi Wealth on Mint

    Hi Harrison - Please send your request to Mint that they support SoFi Wealth integration on their site. The integration comes from their side, so please request it of them again. Thanks for the enthusiasm!

  • Re: Request Sofi Wealth on Mint

    Thanks for letting us know you want integration with Mint! We will let you know if we hear any updates or an estimated ETA.